Appeal for early MOP for BTO, HDB or New EC

How to Appeal and Request for Special Approval to Sell Your HDB or New EC

We have assisted many of our clients in their appeals for early sale of BTO flats before the MOP and subsequently got the approval and sold off their flats at their target price. There is no standard template for HDB appeal letters.

If you really need to get approval to sell early, you will have to aim to get approval from the very first letter. If they reject you outright on your first letter, then the chances of getting approval again from subsequent letters are almost zero. We have helped clients to appeal successfully and it has to go through 3 Government agencies’ appeals. We had to appeal to HDB, CPF Board and also Inland Revenue Authority of Singapore (IRAS).

Rambo will be happy to assist you in your appeal and also share with you some of the considerations that you may want to take note of during the process.  HDB will assess your case based on your circumstances and subject to approval on a case by case basis

Q1. Why do we need to appeal to sell before 5 years MOP?

A1. All HDB or new EC homeowners are required to stay in their unit for at least 5 years.

During these 5 years, they are not allowed to sell their house, rent their whole house or even apply for a new BTO. This period is commonly known as the MOP or minimum occupation period.

You might have heard of your family members or friends who were able to sell their flats before the MOP. For these anomalies, they were given special approval to sell.

Do note that the waiver of the balance 5-year MOP is a major deviation from HDB’s policy.

Q2. Why do some homeowners request for the special approval to sell?

A2. Some of the reasons are due to divorce cases, financial issues, health issues and etc.

The reasons must be supported with evidence and be submitted to your branch officer. The reasons must be strong enough to convince the branch officer to consider your appeal.

Q3. How do I find out who my branch officer is?

A3. All HDB homeowners have HDB Branch officers who in charge of their HDB matters.

To find out who your branch officer is, you will just need to log in to your MyHDB page and go under “Purchase Flat Details”. Scroll down till the section “Contact us” and you will see your estate manager and executive name and contact info.

Q4. What other matters that involved HDB Early Approval should I take note?

A4. Once HDB Approved your appeal. You do need to appeal to IRAS and CPF when other things like stamp duties are involved.

You should also consider seller stamp duties that can incur when you are selling your properties. Those who bought their property between 14 January 2011 to 10 March 2017, the holding period is 4 years. If you sold your house before the first year, there is a 16% tax, 12% before the second year, 8% before the third year and 4% before the fourth year. After 10 March, the holding period is 3 years. The tax rate are 12%, 8% and 4% respectively.

So do your calculation first before you get too happy upon receiving the HDB special approval to sell.



If you have any question or need help in property matters, do give me a call at 91006554 or Whatsapp me. Here for you 24/7.

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